A Tale of Two Towns

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Where is Alexandria!


Where is Alessandria Della Rocca!


Palermo Airport

This is the second floor of the Palermo Airport! 

It is small and very efficient!

Once you pass through Security, there is a wonderful cafe and more shops to buy those last minute items. 

Like lemoncello!


Atlanta to Rome to .....  https://www.delta.com

Spend the day getting to Atlanta for the evening flight to Rome! Sleep on Plane. Arrive in Rome too late for a cappuccino, so get an espresso. Casually walk across airport to early afternoon flight to Palermo. More to come.

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Prestia e Comande


The bus company from Palermo to Alessandria Della Rocca.

Right click on web page and click on Translate to English. 

Take the bus from the airport to the Central Train Station.  Central train station up the mountain to Alessandria Della Rocca and Cianciana. More to come!

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My House

Real Estate agency to buy a home in Sicily. 


Ask for Joe. He speaks English. 

More to come.

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If You Want to Drive in Sicily- It Is Just a Suggestion!

But to drive you really need and International Driver's Permit! 

International Drivers Permit

The United States does not have a National Driver’s License. Every one of our states has a license that looks different from every other state. To help officials find the important information they need an International Drivers Permit (IDP) organizes the information to a set standard.


The picture for the IDP has the same requirements as a Passport Photo. A lot of local corner pharmacy chains do Passport Photos so buy two for the passport and two for your IDP. The IDP is only valid for a year but you can apply six months in advance.


The forms for the IDP are found online through AAA. Fill them out online, print, sign and either go to your local AAA office or mail them in.

Under "Check Desired Permit" only check one or the other you can not have both.


The pictures will cost under twenty dollars for two pictures. There are usually coupons online that you can access from their app, over the web with a smart phone or write down the code. The permit was another twenty dollars per person and we used a postal money order which cost less than two dollars.

Post Office

We had to mail our pictures, forms and money off to our closest AAA office which was in Baton Rogue. We also included an address label for the return envelope. It took a week door to door!

Rental Car Insurance Option

We called our insurance to determine if we were covered outside of the United States for the rental car. Our policy does not cover rentals out side of the US, but the credit card we used to pay for the rental did. They also sent us a letter confirming our coverage to show to the foreign rental office. There are limitations, restrictions and instructions for how to get this so call your credit card company ahead of time. Be sure to read the fine print!

Where to Stay - Under Construction

The photo above is not where you want to stay! 

There is actually a gorgeous horse behind door number two!

Here is a start!

We arrived in Palermo very late one evening after taking the train from Naples. The bus we needed to take the next morning was next to the train station so we chose a B&B with in walking distance. We had our first meal in Palermo at Trattoria Trapani at the end of the block. The next morning we had breakfast at the cafe next door to the B&B. We have had lunch at the Bar Cairoli, easy walking distance to the buses. 

In Palermo - B&B: http://www.lacasadeilimoni.it/en/

Palermo - Breakfast:

Palermo - Lunch: https://www.facebook.com/BarCairoliPalermo/

Palermo - Dinner: http://trattoriatrapani.berlindoener.info/

In Alessandria Della Rocca: There are currently no hotels in Alessandria so go to Cianciana. 

Or double check AirBNB to see if Alessandria has rentals. 

In Cianciana: http://www.ciancianamyhouse.it/home/EN


Panificio San Giuseppe - Cianciana

I could be biased but every thing they make is fantastic. 


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Rosticceria - Pasticceria 

Di Bosciglio Maddalena - Cianciana

A rotisserie chicken worth going on a vacation for! 

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Cortile Alykos Di Giannone Andrea - Cianciana

Atmosphere and pizza

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Property Management

in Cianciana

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Ferramente Valenti Longo

Hardware Store

Alessandria Della Rocca

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La Giarra


Alessandria Della Rocca

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