A Tale of Two Towns

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Alex - Alexandria, Louisiana

Lots of Changes!

We have installed numerous doors!

We are still working on the kitchen!

Lots of painting and construction projects!

Garage Update!

Lift! Engine Hoist! Engine Stand! Shop Cart!

Work Tables & work carts.

Router Stand! Work tables under construction, literally!

Future Kitchen - 

This is definitely a FUTURE project but in the meantime we added insulation and some paneling to be able to use the space.

Now we can use an air conditioner. There is still a lot to do!

Next to be painted is what we call the sitting room, for lack of a better description of the space. When we got here, there was a very large desk in the room which is now in the sewing room. 

We changed out the ballasts on the lights and installed two new LED bulbs. We still need to build a book case for the blue wall.

We still have a lot of decor work to do but the painting is now done. This is Lilac by Devoe. The biggest issue is that the changing light during the day really mutates the color from Lilac to shades of grey. 

The next step is to reupholster the head board. The head board will then be hung from a cleat on the wall. We are also in need of hiding the electrical panel with a new picture. There are a few other items that need to be redesigned.

Not the best pictures.

A lot went on as you can see by the exposed 2x4!

This is what one wall of the kitchen looked like before we moved in. The second picture is after we moved in.

Picture three is part way through painting.

Picture four is the current look.

We still need to replace the counter top.

We are still working on this room!

Our guest room was a very ugly shade of beige.  The light fixtures contained every fluorescent bulb in the color spectrum.

We have since added new carpet!

We cleaned, primed, and painted the walls. Added crown molding. Updated the electrical switches and outlets. Replaced the ballasts and installed LED bulbs. 

The new 2x4 closet is an interpretation from Ana White! 

See Below for more information.

Slow Exterior Changes

It is a warehouse so there is only so much you can do.

We added the landscape boxes that we built from a really large shelving rack that was just really too large.

We still need to get the trees correctly planted in the boxes.

Hopefully they help break up the line of garage doors and create a shadier space.

Painting has Started!

No matter what I tried to tell myself, it eventually came down to the same answer, just paint it!

The red bumper board may seem a tad extreme but the warehouse lacks color.  Actually the biggest surprise was how really nice the back wall looked. This particular bay is going to have a lift installed. EVENTUALLY!!

Before and current pictures of the Laundry room. This room needs a total gut job but scraping the floors of carpet adhesive has taken a lot of time. Since the plumbing was driving me crazy, I decided to cover it up with curtains until I could change it. Thank you Nancy for the quick fix inspiration!

My sewing room. The only room I knew what color to paint from the first moment I saw it. I used the same color in our last house for my sewing room.

The door is now installed but the room is definitely not even this organized. 

The furniture was inspired by designs from Ana White! 

Our first project was the couch! It can be found here - 


The second project was the coffee table. It was literally built around the piece of glass that was left in the warehouse by the previous occupant. 

Thank you Ana and Jacob for all your plans and encouragement! 

The closet is a combination of Ana White's Garage shelving and the Industrial Style Wood Slat Closet System. Both projects can be found here - http://www.ana-white.com/2014/09/free_plans/easy-economical-garage-shelving-2x4s


Our miter saw got a new out feed table based on these construction methods. 

Our new Ana White Beginner Farm Table and Benches. Truthfully, I have not finished the top. Soon!

Here is the link to The Table & Benches



The movable wall between the "Gym" and "Workshop". 

Thank goodness we built all those work tables. The wall was a lot easier to build lifted off the ground.

The wall is our own design and still in progress.

The new Power Rack. 

This is from Buff Dudes. here is the link:


To help make the holes we got a drill press! 

Question? Do you find projects for the tools or tools for the project?

Our son's original bed frame was built years ago from Particle Board. The whole idea was to quickly and cheaply build something with storage. It was never intended to be moved. Well to our surprised it moved across the south and we reassembled it. This week we disassembled it for the final time. Okay, so Furocius was not happy he lost a bed.

Our son decided to tackle building the very bed we had originally wanted but could not afford. At the time we did not have the skill set or the space. It is fabulous!

Another project found on Ana White! Here is the link - http://www.ana-white.com/2009/11/queen-sized-storage-bed