A Tale of Two Towns

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Aless - Alessandria Della Rocca, Sicilia‚Äč

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How big did the Bougainvillea get this last year?

Roof or terrace?

Italian Wiring - Second Addition

Alessandria Della Rocca

This is a partial picture of Alessandria Della Rocca. We wanted to see the condition of our roof. We contacted Gaetano Zambito, and with his drone he took some fantastic footage for us, including this photo of part of the town. Two of his amazing drone videos are in links below.

Our House

Now we have a full picture of the front exterior of the house!

Thank you Gaetano!

Somewhere under the bougainvillea and behind a rough exterior on a very narrow street we found our home.

The age of the two structures and their relationship to each other is still a mystery. Our Italian is not good enough to ask and understand. 

A real wood burning oven and stove.

We have no clue how to use it. Luckily the neighbors promised to teach us.

Now we have to learn how to size down our pizzas!

The one bedroom. We have a real Italian memory foam mattress! In the other corner is our breaker box friendly Italian dryer. 

The room will need some updating. We are hoping to add a half bath in the closet under the stairs. 

The character is in the details! To the left is one of two matching door knobs. The stone wall still has a hitching ring! I may have to add another for a hay net.

The balcony off the kitchen overlooking figs, oranges and lemons! Just open the door and pick your breakfast!

Youtube video thumbnail

House Tour - Coming Soon!

A short cell phone video of a tour of the house.

Sorry! I am not You Tube literate yet!

Last year we trimmed the bougainvillea growing in front of the house. It started off as a simple pruning session. When it was finished the neighbors were delighted, but we were really concerned that we had cut too much. 

On arrival, we found Boogy trying to climb into the bedroom. After a lot of pulling, Boogy is now climbing towards the kitchen balcony. Hopefully next season we can get Boogey to stretch over to the other building.

Etch a Sketch

This is a quick etch a sketch to help explain what we are aiming for in our remodel. This is a side view to better see the relationships of the roofs, terraces and different levels. 

To John T. - I didn't use a straight edge! 

To Mr. Marshall - I still remember the day you taught me how to do trees! Sorry, I am out of practice!

Thank you Autodesk! Why sketch when you can CAD! Which is why I still can't sketch!

Ladies and gentleman, CAD is on tablet! 

Do not hand me any more mustard covered napkins!

I need a new tablet!