A Tale of Two Towns

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Adventures in Life

I really enjoyed the advertisement from an insurance company about the "if" in "Life". 

It is rather poignant. What is your IF? 

Alexandria, Louisiana, USA

Alessandria Della Rocca, Sicilia, Italia

Alex and Aless maybe miles apart but they have similarities. 

They both love food!

Catfish and appetizers from Cajun Catfish!

Shrimp from Cajun Catfish!

Po Boy Crawfish Sandwhich from Swamp Daddy's!




These are professionally made arancini from Vito at Panificio San Guiseppe in Cianciana, Sicilia. We had them for dinner when we got to the Palermo airport three hours later. 

Still the best fast food!

Thank you Vito and Rosella!

Everyone serves their own pizza. This is from Dario in Alessandria Della Rocca on Via Roma. He makes it only on Saturday so swing by and place an order when you have your coffee in the morning.

The chicken is from Maddalena Bosciglio in Cianciana. During the summer chickens are cooked daily. During the off season it is on Tuesday and Sunday. Worth the airfare!

Since we do not have a kitchen we eat foods that do not need a refrigerator. Uno cento kilogram of meat or cheese is perfect for two people. The bread is made fresh daily and we eat a loaf a day with local honey or local olive oil.

We are not fond of liver and onions. However, if I ever eat it again it will be in Sicilia! This was so much better than any liver I have ever had!

These are fantastic little desserts. I will post the bakeries location soon

We believe those are chocolate tools. We forgot to buy a wrench.